c(2) software

content management software


The Net Management System is an e-business suite that empowers
organisations to take control of their web site and their e-business facilities.
The Net Management System is a browser-based solution, which means that no specialised client software is required, e.g. Frontpage, and no complicated publishing procedures are required. All that is required to administer a web
site is Internet Explorer.

Most successfull web sites make use of the Internet as a dynamic medium and change and evolve their web content on an on-going basis. In order to ensure that customers can exploit the Internet as a dynamic medium, all web content is held within the Net Management System. This enables business users to easily change the site content, including the site structure, text, graphics, movies, sounds and files as and when required. Updates to the web content can be
made at any time and can take effect immediately.


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